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Why it is so important to stay in contact with existing and new clients…

At times like these, it is more important than ever for you to remind your clients that you are their venue destination or supplier and you are there to support them. The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses of all types to adapt, adjust and in some cases, to re-invent themselves. As sales and marketing professionals, any business relies on the relationships with clients and your community.

During this time of social distancing, how can you stay connected, while maintaining physical space from your clients? Our Social media platforms, automated marketing and as a listed venue or supplier, will provide the tools you need to strike a balance and stay connected while staying safe.

Just because we need to be physically apart doesn’t mean you can no longer stay connected with your clients. In fact, that feeling might be more important now than it’s ever been before. Social media and e-marketing is an effective way to maintain a connection with your clients, spark discussion and experience human contact in a way we’ve been missing out on. In times like these, we need to bring businesses and communities together.

Your business thrives on you making contact with existing clients and getting new business. Staying in touch is an important part of the networking process. Each customer interaction not only provides insight into the experience of a particular customer, but also adds another data point to your customer base’s satisfaction as a whole.

Signing up with Hospitality Junxtion, you will have a full team behind your business and we will give you the extra support you need during this pandemic. Hospitality Junxtion was established to assist the hospitality and corporate industry to stay connected for only a nominal fee per month. With our massive database of venues, corporate businesses, travel agencies, professional conference organisers and international buyers, your business will be even more visible than ever before.

Our Sales Coordinators updates the database on a daily bases ensuring you meet with the right people at the right time. This includes marketing your venue or business on all social media platforms and e-mailing over 12 000 buyers all your information for direct contact.

Therefore, we are known as the team that brings people together. Giving all our clients the opportunity to build their own unique relationship with each buyer.

We provide set packages; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium packages to meet your specific needs. We also provide tailor made options to fit your marketing budget.

With the support from our clients, we will be able to employee more sales managers in different provinces to sell your business. This is our way of helping the industry grow to what it once was. Just by simply connecting your venue or business to the buyers you need.

Please visit our website for more information on how we can help you stand out and still be in the face of many buyers ready to contact you.

Always here for you,

Team Hospitality Junxtion

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