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We have been working with Hospitality Zone for over a year.  They have brought along good expertise that involved targeting the right clients through direct sales and marketing.  This has enabled us to have better coverage and exposure for our venues.

Many Stein - Orion Hotels

We have been very happy with the services offered by Hospitality Zone. They are a passionate and effective team and we have seen this show in our bottom line.

Avianto Hotel & Conference Centre -  Gerryt Bosman

We signed up with Hospitality Zone at Blueberry Hill hotel just before our opening in October 2019 and I was blown away! Jeana and the team are extremely driven and pushed a lot of good quality meetings with agents for us including good quality site inspections to get our brand onto the market. The service ,follow up ,reporting and quality of enquiries are superb and I would highly recommend their services to all properties looking to grow their sales and market share.

Ryan Aikman - Blueberry Hill Hotel

I have had the pleasure of working with Gerhard Fourie and also value the fact that I can call him a dear personal friend of mine.  Gerhard embodies some of the best qualities an individual  could have, i.e. honesty, integrity, loyalty,  strong business and work ethics and he commits fully to any task he is given.  I would highly recommend Gerhard  for any venture he might undertake.

Nikki Wood

I worked with Gerhard for two years starting in 2015. He is one amazing individual who is absolutely passionate about the travel and tourism industry. He is extremely dedicated and goes the extra mile and beyond! He is a huge optimist and anyone who has him on their team is very fortunate.

Christianna Bolhuis

Shaking Hands
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